Finally i can put the entire short online! Hope you like it.
If you want to look at some preliminary artwork go here...
There is also a nice little book with artwork available with the dvd included. Click here for more info, or drop me a mail....
Get water quick...

Jazzed DVD

It was originaly intended only for promotional purposes, but now it is for sale in the Niaf Webshop.
You can also order it in your local Fnac,
or you can contact me if you like...
It's a small hardcover book (13 by 18 cm) containing the shortfilm Jazzed on DVD, with an extra of 26 pages of pre-production artwork.
 This is an illustration i made to accompany a classical piece of music written by Frederik Segers performed
  at the 'Voorwaarts Maart' Festival at the 'Bijloke' in Ghent.

It looks better when it's bigger! Click the picture!


The promotional booklet for 'jazzed' is finished! DVD inside...
(Sorry for the lousy picture. I only have a crappy webcam.)